New Villains Coming To Gotham Season 2


We already know that Season 2 of Gotham will not only explore Edward Nygma’s psychological decline into The Riddler but that both Killer Croc (probably as Penguin’s new muscle like in Joker’s story) and The Joker will officially be brought on, now it seems there will be more.

TVLine is reporting two character descriptions:

“Male DC Villain” described as “intelligent, cultured and highly articulate,” “extremely attractive, both seductive and threatening,”

“Female DC Villain in her mid- to late 20s — “a sexy knock-out.” So get speculating!

If you notice it says DC Villain, which opens the door even further beyond just Batman’s rogues gallery. So let the speculation begin, who do you think these two are? Keep in mind it maybe one of DC’s villains that never get his hands dirty and not necessarily a big name.

Source: TVLine


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