No Justice League Trailer for the Super Bowl


Rumors of a trailer for the Justice League film premiering during the Super Bowl Ll has started to make its rounds and just like with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year, it’s false.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. has chosen to not take part in setting up ads for Super Bowl Sunday and this would includes any trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League.

It is possible they could swoop in at the last-minute to add something to the list, but if they do it would be a television spot for Wonder Woman. The article does state that those in a partnership with Warner Bros. could release something like the Turkish Airline spots for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last Super Bowl. But as I said it would be Wonder Woman related.

This is a smart move on Warner Bros. part, as each 30 second ad is around $4 million dollars and a 3 minute ad is likely to be much more.

The other thing to remember is Wonder Woman will be released in June, so any major advertisements such as trailers and television spots will be for that film, with Justice League getting attention afterwards. Not to mention San Diego Comic Con is certain to have a new Justice League trailer, along with a possible Aquaman teaser trailer.

Source: Deadline

Eric Curto
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