Paul Dini Says the Harley Quinn Movie is Still a Rumor


Paul Dini one half of the creators of Harley Quinn was asked a fan question about his thoughts on the expected Harley Quinn film that was announced to be in the making and his response was simply that the film was still a rumor.

Recently it was reported that Margot Robbie’s film studio LuckyChap Entertainment had signed a deal with Warner Bros. that would focus on more female driven films, including a Harley Quinn film.

Paul Dini has said in the past that the studio executives don’t always go straight to him about film projects, but considering the fact he is one of the creators, it would be assumed that he would know if a film was greenlit or not.

We know the film is in early development, but perhaps Paul Dini’s comments confirm that it’s still a long way from being officially greenlit.

Eric Curto
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