Production Weekly Has Justice League Dark Listed In Latest Issues


It’s no secret that Justice League Dark has been in active development for sometime now, beginning with Guillermo del Toro confirming he was at the helm of the first drift of screenplay for the film and his conformation that he submitted of the drift to Warner Bros. back in November of 2014.

Then there was the conformation that Enchantress (Cara Delevingne ) would be appearing in Suicide Squad, who the character is known as Justice League Dark’s main villain in the New 52.

Now since October of this year, Justice League Dark under Dark Universe has appeared in three released issues (#967, #972 and #973) of Production Weekly, which is an online provider for the entertainment industry, of projects in pre-production and active development.

Production Weekly has been a reliable source in the past as they were the first to break the code name “Nightingale” for Wonder Woman.

Now this information isn’t really new news, just another reminder that Justice League Dark is in active development. Now we’ll continue to wait for Warner Bros. to officially confirm the film as a slated film to be released.


Source: thanks to @juanmies

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