Production Weekly Has “The Batman” Listed


Production Weekly which provides listings of film in pre-production and active development, listed The Batman in their July 16th issue #954.

Batman’s solo film has already been confirmed when Warner Bros. released the slate of films for the DC Extended Universe last year, what we do not know is the official release date and the official name for the film.

But for the past few months, title “The Batman” has floated around a lot lately, we even reported on possible details from a suppose casting call that had the solo film named as “The Batman”, there’s even been reports stating that Geoff Johns joining Ben Affleck.

But once again, none of these things have been officially confirmed.


Thanks to @amazonheroicon, they brought to our attention which was overlooked from their first tweet to us, is that the production sheet or whatever its official name for what we reported back in June, actually came from Production Weekly’s, June 25th issue #962. We weren’t sure for the longest where exactly that screen grab came from.

But they sent us an example of a production sheet from Production Weekly and it looks very similar to the “The Batman” production sheet we reported on, you can view the Production Weekly production sheet by clicking here, then take a look at the screen grab we reported below:batman_solo_film_date
The content is downloadable, though it cost a good $59.95 for a membership, without the membership the sheet can not be viewed.

We aren’t sure how reliable Production Weekly is, but they are within the industry, which is enough reason to take interest in what they report on.


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  • Aquamoa

    It’s fake. It’s been officially announced that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns are writing ‘The Batman’. Anyone could have typed this up on their computer and sent it to you guys for *cough* reporting *cough*.

    • Eobard Thawne

      I agree it’s likely fake, but it hasn’t been officially announced at all, only rumours.

    • Actually it hasn’t been officially announced that Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns are writing the Batman solo film, it’s been reported by trade sites, that’s it. WB has yet to offically announced anything regarding the solo Batman film, outside from its happening, as explained in this article.

      We didn’t reported that production sheet as anything official as we had no idea where it came from, until yesterday where we were informed that the sheet looks exactly like something Production Weekly would put out.

      “The Batman” was listed on their production list on June 25th, that was before Comic Con and before other sites started reporting on the Affleck/Johns working together, they then updated their production list with “The Batman” on July 16th, which was after Comic Con and the news on Affleck/John. What that production list has, is unknown as no one has spent the $59 on it to download it.

      Point of all this, a industry site is reporting information on a Batman film, has it listed as “The Batman” and a production sheet that looks a lot something they would put out has been released online.

      Nothing that’s being reported above is saying it’s official or that you should believe it… but then again, people believed what they reported on Wonder Woman and her code name, so either people believe what Production Weekly puts out or they don’t.

  • D. Roberts

    This ties into the rumor MOS2 is on permanent hold. One movie site said that is a euphemism for canceled.
    There is no indication MOS2 is happening.
    Not on pre-production schedules. Cavill has not been signed for more Superman. WB is not denying this rumor and everyone seems to buy it on movie sites.
    It makes no sense if WB at last half-way believes in Superman to stop Superman films.
    Superman becoming the Hulk of the DCEU is sad if that happens.

    • If anything this only means that the Batman solo film is being pushed up and will likely be released before the second installment to Superman. Highly doubt WB would stop production on future Superman films with Cavill.

      • D. Roberts

        So you don’t believe the DoG story. Hope you are right.
        Maybe the WB CEO will clarify MOS’s status at the shareholders meeting. Maybe when updating the DCEO schedule as you reported WB is about to do. The shareholders meeting seems obvious place to do it and if a Bats solo is announced the entertainment press will ask him the status of MOS2
        Maybe WB sees Cavill as a net minus because of the negativity around MOS. Not his fault but why risk hundreds of millions on a new Superman film with him?
        Just broke that Craig has said he is all but leaving Bond after the upcoming release Cavill has been talking up wanting Bond in recent interviews. Next Bond after 2015 is 2019. Maybe Cavill will jump ship?l That is speculation but if all WB offers in a possible new contract is supporting roles in JL films its like I’ll take Bond over that.
        Anyway, the schedule is so crowded now with Batman added to the 2016 – 2020 phase 1 even if WB does an MOS2 its likely to be in 2022, 2023 or about. In that case they might as well reboot.

        • Not at all, MOS2 has already been announced by WB when they announced the slate of DC films. Batman coming before a MOS2 makes sense. People need to look at the DC Extended Universe as it’s own thing.

          Forget the Nolan films or whatever else came before then…

          Right now Superman already has a solo film in the DC Extended Universe, while Batman does not. It makes sense why WB would do a solo Batman film before a second installment to Man of Steel.

          • D. Roberts

            Thank you for the replies and thanks for a great site. Been browsing it. Awesome stuff. Its now a must read site for me.
            You are, as far as I know, the only site reporting an update to the DCEU film schedule is reportedly coming. You identify it as unconfirmed but makes total sense. They doing some kind of announcement at the shareholders meeting like last year.
            Probably Batman – yikes, if they remain totally mum on MOS then already skittish Supes fans will hit the wall. I’d think at least after BvS comes out WB sort of has to announce something on MOS and/or Cavill’s contract.
            DoG BTW is not the be all and end all. Realize that. The article hints that WB is abandoning the Superman franchise, but ends with saying that WB will wait to see how BvS does before deciding on the Superman franchise’s future. Sort of contradictory.


          • D. Roberts

            One last thing. Films sites are analyzing why WB isn’t doing more MOS2 – like most have bought into this even though so far only DoG reported it.
            They are saying MOS was a big disappointment. I don’t think that is true. It underperformed expectations, but still did well.
            The other argument at the sites is Superman is too hard to write. He needs too big a threat and even if there is such a threat that the other JL team members could handle it without Superman.
            There are great stories out there already written for Superman. WB/DC owns them all. Just steal from themselves if a writer can’t figure out a new compelling story – which is BS IMO. Good stories can be written.

  • D. Roberts

    How far in advance are films usually listed in Production Weekly? Pre-production, if starting recently on The Batman, means a 2018 release date possible?
    I don’t see any other spot available on the announced schedule to fit another major superhero film in.
    Cavill’s comment in Marie Claire just released indicated maybe he wants to move on to a higher profile role. James Bond?
    He said “I think its time to revisit Bond.”
    Craig in the past day or two said Specter is likely his last. He wants to move on – like Evans.
    I think lots of wheels are in play with WB’s two biggest franchises. Probably why all the rumors.