Production Weekly Has “The Batman” Listed


Production Weekly which provides listings of film in pre-production and active development, listed The Batman in their July 16th issue #954.

Batman’s solo film has already been confirmed when Warner Bros. released the slate of films for the DC Extended Universe last year, what we do not know is the official release date and the official name for the film.

But for the past few months, title “The Batman” has floated around a lot lately, we even reported on possible details from a suppose casting call that had the solo film named as “The Batman”, there’s even been reports stating that Geoff Johns joining Ben Affleck.

But once again, none of these things have been officially confirmed.


Thanks to @amazonheroicon, they brought to our attention which was overlooked from their first tweet to us, is that the production sheet or whatever its official name for what we reported back in June, actually came from Production Weekly’s, June 25th issue #962. We weren’t sure for the longest where exactly that screen grab came from.

But they sent us an example of a production sheet from Production Weekly and it looks very similar to the “The Batman” production sheet we reported on, you can view the Production Weekly production sheet by clicking here, then take a look at the screen grab we reported below:batman_solo_film_date
The content is downloadable, though it cost a good $59.95 for a membership, without the membership the sheet can not be viewed.

We aren’t sure how reliable Production Weekly is, but they are within the industry, which is enough reason to take interest in what they report on.


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