Ray Fisher Will Make An Appearance in The Flash as Cyborg


According to Variety, Ray Fisher who plays Cyborg in the DC Extended Universe will be appearing in The Flash solo movie. It’s unknown how big of a role Fisher will have in the film as the Cyborg, it might be a cameo or a support role.It’s been speculated for a while that if any film in the DC Extended Universe were to get a change in its status, it would be Cyborg’s. But seeing as the filmmakers are still bringing the character in as many films as possible, it’s more than likely they are making sure fans get to know the character in time for his solo outing.

Please keep in mind this was not confirmed, as Warner Bros. has not come forward with a statement, but we have never seen Variety be wrong on an exclusive report. Assuming this new is true, it’s got to make you wonder how many films has Ray Fisher signed onto and how many more does he have left. While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice may not count ,as it’s only a cameo, he will have a full on role in Justice League, Justice League 2 and of course Cyborg. If he is in a supporting role in this case that would be a fourth, possibly fifth film.

This might also explain why when the director of The Flash, Rick Famuyiwa visited the set of Justice League not too long ago he snapped a picture with both Ezra Miller, who plays The Flash and fellow Justice League cast member Ray Fisher, who is playing Cyborg. It seems as though they took the picture hinting that Cyborg would also be under the direction of Rick Famuyiwa when he appears in The Flash film as Cyborg.

Look who I "ran" into on the streets of London. 😉

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Source: Variety.com

Eric Curto

Eric Curto

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