Recent The Flash Newspaper Reveals Possible Spoilers


A fan on Twitter today sent a zoomed in look at the recent hologram newspaper on The Flash to Ciara Renee, who is cast to play Hawkgirl on the Arrow / The Flash untitled spinoff series. When you zoom in you see a few possible spoilers.

Please do not read further if you don’t want to be spoiled:

If you see not to only is Hawkgirl involved in the battle, but The Atom and Green Arrow are there as well. It’s interesting to note Stephen Amell has already teased he will have a name change, could this mean the name change is closer than ever? Anyone keeping an eye on the newspaper knows it has changed.

Could this be something we will see in the Arrow / The Flash untitled spinoff series, now rumored to be called Legends?

Here’s the clip the screen capture comes from:

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