Rick Gonzalez Cast as Wild Dog on Arrow


Entertainment Weekly has made the announcement that Rick Gonzalez has been cast as Jason Seaborn/Wild Dog in season 5 of Arrow, the new vigilante that Stephen Amell, who plays Oliver Queen mentioned at a recent convention panel.

Wild_DogThe description given in the article reads 

On the show, Wild Dog is a new vigilante in Star City whose reckless and cocksure nature prompts Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) to take him under his wing.

Jack Wheeler/Wild Dog made his first appearance back in 1987 in his own solo title and went on to appear in Action Comics Weekly when they were part of an anthology type format.

Rick Gonzalez is known for his roles in shows like Mr. Robot, Bones and more, so he has quite an impressive list of roles, so it’ll be interesting to see his take on the character.

In the comics Jack Wheeler was once a member of the United States Marine Corps, who left after his team was killed in a terrorists attack and would later use his skills to protect several Quad Cities in the DC Universe.

Judging from the description it’s safe to say that Oliver Queen/Green Arrow will be learning himself what it means to be a hero as he had lost some of that in the previous season.

WILD DOG CREATED BY: Max Allan Collins (Writer), Terry Beatty (Artist), Dick Giordano (Artist)

FIRST APPEARANCE: Wild Dog #1 (September 1987)

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