Rock Duer Playing Young Barry Allen in Flashpoint?


Child actor Rock Duer who’s best known for playing young Ezra Miller in We Need to Talk About Kevin, has been hinting on his official instagram account that he’s playing Miller once again in the upcoming Flash standalone movie Flashpoint.

Rock and even on his father’s Joe Duer, have shared posts made by fans that state that Rock Duer is in fact playing a young Barry Allen in the movie. Though since this posting, Joe Duer has since deleted the ingstagram post from his account, but the ones on Rock remains. 

Flashpoint is currently in pre-production, as Spider-man: Homecoming writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are hard at work developing the movie’s story as directors with screenplay writer Joby Harold.

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At the current moment there’s no official date for the movie to start production nor an official date as to when Flashpoint is set to be released in theaters.

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