Scoot McNairy Discusses Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


Scoot McNairy was one of the many actors fans speculated was going to play The Flash, before Ezra Miller was finally revealed to have gotten the role. While fans still have no idea who his character will be, he did recently sit down to discuss the tone of the film and the “realistic” nature of the film.

We Got You Covered spoke with Scoot McNairy during a promotional interview for his new film Out of Brand is Crisis and during the interview he spoke a bit about the 2016 blockbuster headed our way.

“This is the superhero film that is more grounded in reality than any of the other ones. It’s a comic book movie, yes, but it’s very, very grounded.”

Of course, we have heard this about many films connected to the DC Universe. Not much is new here but his enthusiasm he is showing and confidence in claiming its the most grounded we have ever seen makes us very excited. Many still find Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy to be a great example of a ground comic book franchise,

Can Zack Snyder raise that bar? Judging from this interview he may very well have.

Eric Curto
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