Screenplay Writer Chris Terrio Talks Batman v Superman and Justice League


Oscar winning screenplay writer Chris Terrio, who’s the man behind the screenplay for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the upcoming Justice League, finally breaks his silents and talks a bit on his involvement in writing the script for Batman v Superman and Justice League in an article by the The Wall Street Journal.

Comparing Batman and Superman to Greek Gods:

“In superhero stories, Batman is Pluto, god of the underworld, and Superman is Apollo, god of the sky,” observed Mr. Terrio. “That began to be really interesting to me—that their conflict is not just due to manipulation, but their very existence.”

Bringing Wonder Woman into the story without her having an origin film first:

“If you bring in a character in a kinetic way, then you accept the reality more easily,” said Mr. Terrio.

On how he prepared to write the script for Justice League and on him never imagining Superhero movies being a product of his life:

Mr. Terrio recently finished his script for “Justice League,” which starts shooting next month, giving him a key role defining the big- screen versions of DC superheroes. To prepare, the writer says he studied red- and blueshifts in electromagnetic physics to think about the Flash, investigated deep sea biology in the Mariana trench to create the world of Aquaman and read the Greek historian Diodorus of Sicily’s account of the war between Amazon and Atlantis to better understand Wonder Woman.

“If you told me the most rigorous dramaturgical and intellectual product of my life would be superhero movies, I would have said you were crazy,” the screenwriter said.

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