The Flash and Aquaman Continue From Justice League: Part One


When the DC Slate of films were announced some fans were scratching their heads as to why Justice League was titled Justice League: Part One and Part Two, as a simple sequel doesn’t feature the “Part” subtitle, unless it’s the second half of a two-part story like The Hunger Games: Mockingjay films.

Now thanks to the DC Extended Universe Producer Charles Roven in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, we now get a better idea as to not only why it’s titled the way it is, but why The Flash and Aquaman films will release between the first and second part of Justice League.

The Flash and Aquaman films will be continuation stories from where their characters left off in Justice League. “While each movie stands alone, they’re all part of one long arc of storytelling,”

This quote is refreshing as it really drives the point that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment, along with producers Zack Snyder, Deborah Snyder and Charles Roven have a huge plan that is more than just announcing the films.

What this means is that Justice League: Part One will end with Aquaman and The Flash continuing their part of the story in their solo films and eventually it concluding with Justice League: Part Two. In other words a 2 year comic book like arc.


Eric Curto
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