Does Jena Malone’s Role Hint at a Bigger Story Arc for the DC Extended Universe?


We reported awhile back that the French magazine Cine’ Saga had a listing of the cast for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where it showed Jena Malone was cast as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the film and thus the DC Extended Universe.

It was later confirmed that her Jena Malone’s scenes were removed from the theatrical cut of the film, but would appear in the R-Rated Home Video release. In the same report Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder revealed that while Jena was not Robin or Batgirl, her role was significant in the way it hinted at a larger story to be told later.

We now know through a Warner Bros. survey that Jena Malone was in fact cast Barbara Gordon in the DC Extended Universe. This got us thinking could we be getting a Birds of Prey film.

It was revealed in the French Magazine Cine’ Saga that Jared Leto as The Joker was to have a cameo in a flashback, while many believe this flashback is him killing one of the Robin’s, this flashback could be of him crippling Jena Malone’s Batgirl which would cause her to assume the role of The Oracle.

If so, it could very well hint at a Birds of Prey movie? In the Birds of Prey, Barbara Gordon under her new alias of Oracle leads a team of female heroes, most notably The Huntress and Black Canary as she provides her expertise and knowledge.

The scene in question from which was featured in Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke was a scene that when put into the film would warrant the R-rating as it was very graphic in nature and the implications of what Joker does to her is not suitable for a PG-13 audience.

We also know that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment often take a story that is being made into a live action film and having a similar animated film, such as The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Assault on Arkham coming out shortly before Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were green-lit as films. So with The Killing Joke being made into an animated film, it’s very possible we’ll see the infamous scene in live action shortly afterwards on Home Video.

Now keep in mind this is by no means a definitive confirmation, but with the registered trademark on the post and the Cine’ Saga Magazine we are inclined to believe it is a fact, but until we are given a confirmation by Zack Snyder, Warner Bros. or Jena Malone herself, take with a grain of salt.

All in all if this is true it be great to have a group of female heroes hitting the big screen with the Justice League.

Eric Curto
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