Shazam Director is Amused by Reddit’s DCEU Leaks Post


Shazam director David F. Sandberg went to social media to laugh the Reddit DCEU Leaks as someone posted a rumor that due to the box office stumble of Justice League, the entire franchise is now being scrapped and Sandberg is now fired.

Aside from the terrible grammar the post has, it’s ridiculous to think anyone would actually believe this, but it’s nice to see him shut them down.

News sites love Reddit and more specifically DCEU Leaks for providing them countless amounts of clickbait articles for them to run with, whether they are true or not, the articles create a huge amount of ad revenue for them and when a rumor’s debunked that means even more articles for the sites to clicks on and profit from.

We do our best to avoid posting rumors as we do respect our readers enough to want them to know that if we are reporting on the news, it’s either confirmed or we have a great feeling it is true.

Eric Curto
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