Shazam! Made More In Profit Than Man Of Steel


As it was previously reported, David F. Sandberg Shazam! starring Zachary Levi as the title character made a net profit of $74 million for Warner Bros/New Lines Cinema, hence why they were so quick to approve the development of a sequel and release date slated for April 1st 2022.

Now Twitter user Luiz Fernando who’s known for breaking down the box office numbers, went on to layout some numbers as to why there shouldn’t be any dispute as to why Shazam! got a sequel over other DCEU who are still pending, such as Zack Synder’s Man of Steel. As he outlines that Shazam! actually made more money for Warner Bros. in first tax year than the big tent pole movie like Man of Steel, which made the studio $42.7 million in profit.

Fernando also goes on to state that Shazam! did a 1.28 ratio, which is better than of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s 1.18 ratio, though the profits aren’t the same, as Batman v Superman did $105.7 million. Which makes sense why Justice League was approved to go ahead into production, even though that turned out to be a failure for the studio, financially, critically and by the overwhelming response by hardcore fans.

With the Tweet Fernando also went on to outline the profits for David Ayer’s Suicide Squad being $158 million, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman being $252.9 million and James Wan’s Aquaman being $260 million, all which received sequels or spinoffs by the studio.

Man of Steel seem to be the black sheep of the DECU, which fans can only hope and pray the studio in good faith will allow a sequel to be made with the hopes it’ll do as well as the other movies in the cinematic universe.

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