Smallville’s Supergirl Has Encouraging Words for CBS Supergirl


It’s been a big couple of days for The Girl of Steel and now with the official First Look premiering many have had a lot to say as always there is some good and some bad but one of the good is from a former Supergirl who has great faith in the new series.

Laura Vandervoort who played Kara Zor-El in Smallville sent out a few tweets to actress Melissa Benoist about how she feels to see Supergirl finally headlining a series, something that was rumored for Smallville’s version as a possible Legion of Superheroes series.

Helen Slater the original actress to play Supergirl will be in the pilot, it’ll be great to see Laura Vandervoort make a guest appearance (Power Girl anyone?), hopefully her series Bitten will allow her some free time.

Eric Curto
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