Spider-Man Tom Holland on Suicide Squad Set and Much More


Joel Kinnaman who plays Rick Flag (not sure yet if its Jr. or Sr.) in Suicide Squad, went to his Instagram earlier today and posted a photo of a very suited up Tom Holland on the set of Suicide Squad.

Tom Holland as many might know was just cast as the new Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe/Sony Marvel team up films.

Seeing the young actor on set is a head scratcher in itself as many know signing up with one comic book film label limits your ability to go take on roles with the other. However in rare occasions and possibly the size of the role it may have exceptions. However, it could simply be he knows Joel and was there to give support.

It got even more interesting that Joel Kinnaman had later deleted the photo leaving fans to speculate whether he actually has a minor role in the film.

Thanks to Suicide Squad Updates Twitter for grabbing the image before it was taken down.

Director David Ayer also shared a photo, nothing huge, so I thought I would share it here. As you’ll see its a bucket of Broken Glass with some Bullet shells, most likely Will Smith’s Deadshot shot up some glass in an action scene.

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