Stephen Amell Discusses New Suit and Future Arrow Seasons


Stephen Amell went onto his Facebook to discuss some Arrow related stuff as he gets back into shape for the fifth season of the series. As he did he did discuss that he will be getting a new modified Arrow suit, his character will be a bit darker and he talks about his contract being for a couple more seasons and how the series was originally meant to be 5 seasons with each season showing a year on the island.

Amell also gave a hint that we will be seeing an old character we haven’t seen in two seasons, he was also excited about hearing where The Flash will be going and does say that he doesn’t know if he will meet up with Supergirl as the big DC Crossover event isn’t decided yet on when the crossovers will occur, he also discusses how The Black Canary returning will be discussed through the course of the season.

While he is interested in directing, Amell says Arrow is not in the cards at the moment, but never say never.


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