Stephen Amell on Arrow’s New Tone


Stephen Amell went onto Facebook last night after shooting stuff for Episode 6 of the upcoming season of Arrow, went on video for a few minutes to give some thanks as well as answer some Q&A’s

On Arrow’s New Tone

“In a lot of the publications its gonna be a lighter tone, whatever, its Arrow, Arrow is Arrow and uh I think we see some changes in Oliver this year. It does feel a little new”

On what episode this upcoming season has been the best to film so far

“Episode 3, we have some cool stuff with David Ramsey”

Now what Stephen Amell says above about the shows tone seems a bit contradictory, as “Arrow is Arrow” would suggest the tone isn’t really gonna be any different then it has been, but then he goes on to say “It feels a little new” suggesting it will have a change that is different from your average change.


Posted by Stephen Amell on Monday, September 14, 2015

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