Steven R. McQueen Teases Nightwing


Steven R. McQueen, known for his role on The Vampire Diaries has been a fan favorite to take on the role of Dick Grayson/Nightwing for the upcoming TNT series Titans and while nothing has really been heard about the Production since the Upfronts we have got a few teases that Nightwing may have already been cast with Steven R. McQueen in the role. Now it’s also possible that he could be cast in the role for one of The CW shows, but I do believe if he is playing the role it’ll be on the TNT series, which may turn out to be connected in the future.

Well today he has once again given fans some hopes that the rumors and speculations are true by sharing a photo featuring a Nightwing shirt and a collection of Nightwing comics. What’s also interesting is he doesn’t just have Nightwing comics, but an issue of the “Reign of the Supermen, ” “Superman” and one I can’t quite make out.

Eric Curto
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