Suicide Squad 2 Set To Begin Shooting in 2017?


The highly anticipated Super Villain film Suicide Squad is less than 5 months away and it looks like Suicide Squad 2 may already have a set year to begin filming according to Variety, director David Ayer has begun work on rewriting a script by Max Landis for a film called Brighter, with Will Smith in talks to join, which they hope to start shooting this year, so they can be ready to start filming Suicide Squad 2 in 2017.

There is so far no word on a release date, nor is there a confirmation by Warner Bros., but we are pretty confident that coming from Variety this news has a huge possibility. David Ayer has already discussed wanting to return for Suicide Squad 2 and its a pretty safe bet that Will Smith will be returning for the sequel as Deadshot.

We will update on any confirmation.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5, 2016.

Eric Curto
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