Supergirl Cast Praises Kevin Smith’s Directing Style


The Flash cast has already praised how fun and unique Kevin Smith as a director has been for them and now the Supergirl cast has done the same. Speaking with Collider, many cast members talk about how refreshing a director like Kevin Smith has been and how his energy allows for long hours to keep them going.

MELISSA BENOIST (Kara Danvers aka Supergirl)

“He’s so supportive and encouraging. The atmosphere on set– We work crazy long hours, and the energy that he brings is only positive.”

One of the main ways Smith maintains a high level of energy is by recognizing, commending and stirring up a wave of applause for those working. In the short amount of time we were able to observe the filming, Smith led his cast and crew in applause multiple times. “You guys saw how many rounds of applause there were,” Benoist said. “That’s like a daily occurrence, all day, and I don’t know how you keep that up. He’s wonderful.”

MEHCAD BROOKS (James Olsen aka The Guardian)

“He also brings this amazing energy to the set. He’s always applauding, laughing, clapping, yelling out things that are funny. He sort of makes the day go quicker.”


Another unique aspect is that in Video Village (where the director and others watch the scene being shot), music is played between takes. The music, in addition to the applause, has a huge impact on the mood. “He keeps things moving and plays music, he’s always having people applaud for cast and crew members and keeping everyone engaged and part of the process,”

“That’s all you can ask for because we’re here very long hours. So when it’s fun it’s even better.”

IAN GOMEZ (Snapper Car)

“He’s very quick, fast-paced. He has a lot of humor, so it’s a good place to work.”

He continued, “I think him being an actor, he kinda knows what’s best for him, what he likes, and so he tries to give that to other actors. His notes are right on point, and succinct, and it’s not like ‘What are you doing?’ It’s like, you know exactly what he means, and he comes up with things at the spur at the moment that really helps the scenes, so it’s been great.”

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