Supergirl Confirmed to Be in an Alternate Universe on The Flash


Last tonight’s episode of The Flash titled “Welcome to Earth 2”, had quite a surprise.

In episode, it had Team Flash head to Earth 2 in the hopes of taking the fight with Professor Zoom and saving Dr. Wells’ daughter Jesse Quick once and for all and just as we saw a glimpse of Killer Frost in the Season 1 finale when The Flash went through time, we got a glimpse of a certain heroine.

As you can see we have a few quick images and one of which is Supergirl, played by Melissa Benoist on the CBS series. The crossover between the two is no secret as it was confirmed, but can this mean we have finally gotten confirmation that Supergirl is not within the same universe as The CW shows.

You can also see an image of John Wesley Shipp as The Flash as well an alternate Green Arrow, which at first I thought might be Justin Hartley, but upon closer look has a completely different outfit, so it’s quite possible.

It’s also possible that he simply saw images from future encounters, like he did with Killer Frost. We have had Superman and Batman references on the series but we have also had hints that they are separate, so it could go either way.

Another thing to keep in mind is are these hints to future encounters with The Flash (1990)? We do know that any Easter Eggs we see are never just there for fans as Marc Guggenheim has said in the past they are always there for a reason. We also know that tonight’s episode saw Killer Frost appear and she was first hinted at the same way and now Barry is set to appear in Supergirl. So I’d say its safe to we may see an older version of the 1990 The Flash appear.

We also saw what may be Connor Hawke or it could be Robert Queen as Green Arrow

We also saw an image later on showing an early look at Jonah Hex, who is set to appear on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. As well as confirmation that The Legion of Super-Heroes will be appearing soon.

Lastly we also got some cool winks to some pretty huge DC Heroes:

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