SyFy’s Krypton Key Characters Revealed


Ever since Krypton was announced we’ve heard very little, other than the idea that it will connect to Man of Steel and that SyFy had officially green-lit the pilot. Now we may have found out a bit more in terms of dialogue as a list of the key characters on the series has been released.

Krypton’s lead characters include:

SEG-EL – described as athletic, quietly confident, and in his 20s, an older version of this character appeared in Starman #51 alongside his son Jor-El (Superman’s father).

LYTA ZOD – a beautiful twentysomething, Lyta is a reluctant warrior and has a familial tie to eventual Superman villain General Zod.

VAL-EL – The genius grandfather of Seg, he defied death by entering the Phantom Zone and believes in space exploration.

ALURA ZOD – Lyta’s mother, she too is obviously related to General Zod in some way.

DEVE-EM – A “bad boy” in his twenties, this chisele character was a reluctant ally to the Legion of Superheroes once upon a time, but has clashed with Superboy and Superman on a handful of occasions as a villain.

TER-EL – Seg’s father.

As you can see both characters are connected directly with Superman and General Zod, it also looks like they are grabbing a bit of DC Universe history to really make the series work as more than just another prequel series.

It also says in the report that shooting is expected to start this Summer, so casting news should be occurring real soon.
It’s suspect if the series is successful its end will be of the opening to Man of Steel or if they decide to disconnect it from the films they could end it as Clark’s ship is about to his Earth, just as Smallville started that way and ended with Clark opening his shirt to reveal the Superman symbol.
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