The CW DC Television Shows To Leave Hulu in Favor of Netflix


It appears as though a new deal with Netflix will cause Hulu to drop all shows on The CW. This would of course include all the Greg Berlanti’s shows such as Arrow, The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and the new addition Supergirl, as well as iZombie.

Currently all The CW shows air its newest episode a day after it premiere’s live on Hulu and saves up to 5 episodes, with Netflix getting the latest season when the season has been released on DVD / Blu-Ray.

With the new deal anyone who no longer has cable will have to rethink this choice as Netflix will be releasing the newest seasons, 2 weeks after it airs its season finale, which means streaming viewers will no longer be kept up to date until the Summer.

The only other way fans can keep up to date is through their DVR, watching it Live, On Demand or on The CW site and app. Otherwise it’ll be time to wait until the season is over to see what happens next.

Although, Variety has made the exclusive announcement, no confirmation has been made as it’s still in the talking stage, so anything is possible.

Source: Variety

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