The Flash and Arrow Spoiler Room Scoops


Entertainment Weekly’s Spoiler Room has scoops on both The Flash and Arrow.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Tom Cavanagh spoke about the Speed Force and hinted what we may get it soon on the television series.

Do you know exactly how Harrison Wells plans to use Barry on The Flash? — Mark
If I actually knew the physics of how that worked, I probably wouldn’t be a writer. But Tom Cavanagh provided somewhat of an explanation: “If you know the Speed Force, it’s fair to say that Barry’s abilities come from a positive culling of the Speed Force,” he says. “Reverse Flash’s abilities come from what Barry would call a negative culling of the Speed Force. Truthfully, the Speed Force is important to both of them accomplishing their goals and the Speed Force doesn’t separate. As they fight towards what they really want—or think they want—they are going to have to take advantage of that Speed Force. I say, ‘think they want,’ because if you’re familiar with the mythology, what Barry needs and what Barry thinks he wants aren’t always the same thing.”

As for Arrow, the last Episode ended with a cliffhanger suggesting our favorite Oracle, I mean Penelope Garcia, wait no Felicity Smoak might have a terrible fate, well EW talked with Emily Bett Rickards for answers.

Please tell me Felicity is not the one who is going to die on Arrow! — Keish
I promise you that she’s not going to die… from Maseo’s arrow. After that, I can’t promise anything, but it appears as though Ray Palmer will save her by taking the arrow himself since he lands in the hospital during next week’s episode—which is what brings Mama Smoak back to Starling City. “Mom comes back to town to take care of her baby because she hears something is wrong and she wants to help her baby out,” Emily Bett Rickards teases. Sadly we won’t be finding out who Felicity’s dad is just yet. “We talk about him. He’s mentioned, but no,” she adds.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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