The Flash and Supergirl Musical Episode Villain Revealed


It comes as no surprise that when The Flash crossed over onto Supergirl last season that fans of the FOX television series Glee, which starred Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist prior to their roles in their leading The CW series, would start demanding a musical episode, showcasing both actors musical talents.

Doing a musical episode is always fun to see when it’s done the right way, but coming up with a reason could be a bit harder for this crossover if it weren’t for one particular villain “The Music Meister”

The Music Meister is able to get his foes dancing and singing and uses this skill to commit his crimes. Neil Patrick Harris voiced the character when he made an appearance on Batman: The Brave and the Bold and it turned out to be one of their best episodes.

Greg Berlanti had this to say when promoting his new CW show “Riverdale” based on the famous Archie Comics.

“It is going to be the Music Meister,” executive producer Greg Berlanti told reporters while promoting his upcoming drama Riverdale at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Sunday. “We’re finishing writing the script this weekend.”

When asked if Neil Patrick Harris could reprise his role from Batman: The Brave and the Bold this is what Greg Berlanti said on that.

A villain with the power to control people through song, The Music Meister was famously brought to life in the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold. In the episode “Mayhem of the Music Meister,” Neil Patrick Harris voiced the villain. Could he reprise that role in real life for the crossover? “We haven’t gone about casting it yet,” Berlanti says. “But it’s the right question, though.”

Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg also had a few things to say about the crossover event.

There are going to be people from both shows singing,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says, noting that the musical crossover will start on Supergirl and resolve on The Flash.

On writing the script and whether the music will be covers or original material.

“When we get to the musical episode, both Barry and Kara will find themselves at pivotal crossroads on their respective series,” Kreisberg says. “The experience of going through the musical will have a great impact on both series moving forward.”

In terms of the music, it’s unclear whether it will be original songs or covers. “We’re still working that out right now,” Kreisberg says. “We’re still writing the script and trying to figure out exactly what we’re going to do.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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