The Flash Movie To Be Released a Week Early?


The Flash starring Ezra Miller is at this moment scheduled to arrive on March 23, 2018, however it may end up arriving a week earlier if this new report is true.

According to Exhibitor Relations which is a website that keeps score on the Box Office facts and release dates, there is an Untitled DC film slated to be released on March 16, 2018 with the emphasis that it will be The Flash. This would make sense if it is true, as Warner Bros. would be making a huge mistake if they were to release two DC films within a week from each other.

However this could mean that the script, being written and directed by Seth Gramme-Smith is finished and is ready to go. The Flash is set to make a brief appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and his appearance could also be a reason Warner Bros. might secure an earlier release date if the studio has found his appearance to be a highlight.

It’s also possible they are simply moving it to an earlier spot for a higher box office before any competition has time to lessen the box office intake.

UPDATE: When we asked them who their source was, they responded with the following:

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