The Joker Comes Alive and Harley Quinn’s Voice Heard


We recently reported that last night Suicide Squad set photos and video was shown giving us our first onset look of The Joker and Harley Quinn having what seemed to be a dispute.

UPDATE: Since writing this article Warner Bros. has quickly taken down all videos so I will do my best to describe the scene if all you want is character descriptions or what Harley sounds like skip to the bottom. If we are able to find another video we will do our best to post it but seeing as Warner Bros. obviously does not want it we may not.


In the scene it starts with Harley in front The Jokers car screaming for him to get out–“Get outta the car”.

Joker exists the car as Harley goes from mad to smiling big, when he exist he gets in her face but moving around fluidly as if putting on a show, unfortunately we can’t hear what he is saying but Harley seems kind of frozen in a state of momentary fear.

While they’re talking a truck driver who’s truck is stuck behind them, walks up with a crowbar and when interrupting, this prompts Harley to shoot him and immediately point the gun at The Joker’s head, who than appears to dare her to shoot, after she fails to shoot him Joker seems to taunt her by putting the gun to his head, than slapping her, sending her down hard. He stands there (for a second I thought he was supposedly going to be peeing on her as his hands are down by his waste) as he walks away and goes back into the car, Harley gives a smirk, gets up and gets into the car with him.



The Joker as played by Jared Leto was in the video wearing a silver/grey like jacket, with a purple outfit underneath, however we now get a clearer image of his face and he doesn’t appear to have the DAMAGED tattoo, thus confirming he doesn’t have it, at least not on his forehead, but it could be argued this goes for the body as well, as no other tattoos can be see on his chest or hands.


As shown in our previously reported article Harley is wearing what looks to be a navy top and glasses indicating this could be her turning into Harley maybe in a flashback or maybe Harley at some point ditches her team to run away with The Joker, but the best part is we got to hear a small sampling of how she sounds (and not a whisper like the last claimed reports). The way Margot Robbie seems to play the scene is as we have known Harley quick to anger but when it comes to Mr J, she softens up. The way she sounds is similar to Hynden Welsh(who voices her in Batman: Assault on Arkham), she does have a bit of of Arleen Sorkin, but as she is just screaming it’s not much to get a clear distinction, but overall it sounds amazing.

Eric Curto
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