Theory: What If The Legion of Superheroes Are Coming to Supergirl


We all heard the news, a teenage Superman or can we just call him Superboy, will be arriving on Supergirl soon, not only that but its being said it will be a recurring role. Now before I get to my theory I will point out ways that this can go another way.

So let’s go….

  1. Flashbacks, we’ve already seen that the writers have utilized Flashbacks when telling the stories shown in Kara’s childhood, especially in the recent episode of “Livewire” which also seems to be expanding on Dean Cain’s role(his character is thought to be dead at this time). This could be used since the Danvers have known Clark/Superman for years and it’s assumed that they might have known him when he was a teenager. If this is how it’s done we could have more scenes with Helen Slater.
  2. Superman at some point gets into a battle with someone who uses a ray of sorts to make him become a kid again. Yea, it is possible Kara gets a second chance to watch over Clark if he were to be turned back into a child. This could even be part of an adaptation of “What Do You Get For the Man Who Has Everything?” in which Superman is put into a sleep that makes him think he is home where Krypton didn’t explode and he has a great life, only make it a Kara central story. Although, this is unlikely as it did say its planned to be recurring.

Which leaves us with the whole idea behind this article and is what if The Legion of Superheroes were to arrive on Supergirl to help save Clark as a teen? She is a member of the Legion in some versions and even ends up in a relationship with Brainiac 5, plus we have already seen the Legion appear on Smallville. Time travel as well as multiverse are a staple in all things DC and this would certainly fit within that world. The article also said its planned to occur first in Episode 13, which at this time is the Season 1 Finale, so what if her being in the past is used as a Season 2 story arc. Or if given additional episodes the second half of Season 1 story arc can see her trying to get back where she returns to a different “present” where she must now find a way to get the old timeline back to normal.


For those who don’t know who this team is here is a quick lesson for you. The Legion of Superheroes is a futuristic version of the Justice League who was first introduced to Clark Kent/Superboy during his teen years where they had him go with them and fight evil in the future.

There was an animated series called The Legion of Super-Heroes, which ran for 3 seasons for those not interested in reading the books. This also introduced Superman X, a 41 Century Clone.

Superman: The Animated Series (Cosmic Boy, Chameleon Boy, Saturn Girl) was the first to delve into this team first appearing in “New Kids in Town. ”

Justice League: Unlimited expanded the roster above by also showing Blok, Colossal Boy,Lightning Lad, Phantom Girl, Shadow Lass, Brainiac 5, Timbor Wolf, Ultra Boy, Wildfire.

Smallville gave a few members their first Live Action treatment like Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad as well as having Brainiac 5(played by James Marsters, who also played Brainiac) coming later on.

Also Target in collaboration with WB/DC released an hour-long feature called JLA: Trapped in Time which featured Karate Kid and Dawnstar.

One of the more famous members was Brainiac 5 who was a descendant of the original Brainiac and was determined to wipe away his ancestors evil deeds by doing good. He would end up in a relationship with Supergirl when she leaves the present to establish herself separately from her more famous cousin.

We also know that WB and DC have started to use their TV universes as a gateway of sorts to some of their obscure properties. Such as Suicide Squad first appearing on Arrow or The Flash getting a series before getting a film and both Lucifer and Constantine getting TV treatments as both a Justice League: Dark and Sandman film are being developed. It’s a great strategy that allows fans to get familiar with some characters without having to pay money until they know already if they are fans.

It would make sense if there is a Legion of Superheroes film in develop for them to introduce them on TV first and get that initial feedback om which characters are more liked. Of course if they were to come to the series it make sense to utilize not only the more popular characters but the female ones, to keep in line with the shows theme of empowering women. While I don’t read much of those stories the characters I have liked have been Saturn Girl, Chameleon Boy and Phantom Girl, so I’d love to see more of the team.

So what do you think? Am I nuts?

Eric Curto
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