There’s More to Doomsday and the Final Act of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


UPDATE: It’s been brought to our attention that this interview actually never took place with Premiere, as Premiere confronted an article that was released on this interview, where they question if it came from them. There also seems to be no evidence that this interview actually ever took place.

With that all said, disregard everything below, until something is actually confirmed or there’s evidence of this interview.

In a new interview with the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice production designer Patrick Tatopoulos, for the French magazine Premiere. Tatopoulos revealed some interesting facts about the Doomsday, his evolution in later films and where Superman may end up after the film. Continue reading on if you want potential spoilers.


We are able to tell a story in a fresh way. Doomsday is an evolution essentially. Fans may be aware of the death of Superman story, but this is handled in such a new way.


When the film is called Batman v or versus Superman, it really has a lot of levels to the meaning. Superman isn’t just killed off at the end of something. We see how he evolves as part of Lex’s plan to protect the world.  Seeing the Superman we know, be gone, and then replaced with this reproduction is really going to make fans think of how we look at these super beings. It was especially interesting to figure out, how would you create Superman from Zod… then how would that involve into Doomsday.


“larger threat” at play. It’s also said the “timeframe of how things fall into place will surprise fans” and that “Doomsday isn’t just the final act.”

It’s further said “those feeling they may know too much this early, are going to be in for a true surprise.

Those who know about Doomsday knows he was created just as a killing machine and essentially as part of the Death of Superman story arc in the 90’s. Since his premiere he has been featured on Smallville as a genetically enhance “offspring” of Zod and Faora as well as in the New 52. So while the character could essentially have another tweak it is possible his original reason for being created could work its way into the DC Extended Universe.

Another interesting thing is that he also mentions that to see Superman gone and a reproduction take over, could indicate we are gonna see Bizarro. As the character was created by Lex in some versions and would be a great new “clone” after Doomsday is created and “defeated” as a starter. It’s also possible that one of the clones introduced in the “Return of the Supermen” saga could be used as well, but I have a strong feeling if we do get a clone it’ll be Bizarro.

While Bizarro in the Silver Age was essentially from a mirror universe where everything was backwards, a later incarnation was introduced where Bizarro was created by Lex with the New 52 most likely being part of where the character could be introduced.

I did have my theory awhile ago that if I made a DC film, Justice League would have been split into two parts with the first part seeing Superman’s death and then a year or two years worth of films featuring a world without Superman leading into his return in the second part of Justice League. Perhaps Zack Snyder, Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer and Ben Affleck had as similar idea.

There was also a huge rumors years ago that suggested DC films would end with cliffhangers instead of what has been common with post and after credit scenes, so perhaps the “surprise” threat is hinting at the villain for the next film.

This is no way confirming that Superman will die, the wording can definitely be thought of as a confirmation, but it feels very strange to think he’d say all that if he was being so blunt about it. If he did in fact tell the films spoilers, we may find out soon if ramifications are enacted.

What do you think? After the mixed reception for Man of Steel it may be a great way to show to the world the importance of the character if he is killed off. It would certainly be a “Holy crap” moment, as the lead hero has not been killed off in any superhero film yet.

It’s also mirroring the reason Death of Superman was created, by that time many fans were treating Superman like he was a bore or a bother due to the popularity of Batman by Tim Burton and the darker nature of the comics and that story bought many people back into comics.

Even I who didn’t read comics at the time bought the first issue of the first story. So I can see Zack Snyder wanting to make fans understand his importance and how much he is important to the universe.

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