Tom Welling On The Flash Rumor Retraction


Recently I came across a rumor that Tom Welling, who played Clark Kent on Smallville would be returning as the character in a future episode of The Flash, however after looking deeper into the story I discovered the source is not a legitimate one and felt it was my responsibility to own up to my mistake in running with that story.

We do our best here at DCCOMICSMOVIE.COM to avoid spreading rumors and are doing what we can to be a trusted news source, instead of just trying to get more page views.

While it would be cool and possible to one day see Tom Welling return, it is currently not true and again I wanna apologize to our readers and other sites who have sourced us on the story, we will continue to do our best in only report facts and if they’re rumors, they’re rumors from a source that’s actually creditable.

Eric Curto
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