TV Guide’s Winter Preview Reveals Some Interesting Gotham Details


TV Guide recently released a preview for the return of some of our favorite Fall shows and within that revealed some interesting bits of trivia.

Gotham’s show-runner Bruno Heller spoke with TV Guide about what is coming up next, such as the possibility of Bruce learning who it is killed his parents.

Plus: Bruce Wayne will finally find out who killed his parents!

In the comics, film and animation Bruce Wayne has been shown to discover who the killer of his parents were, most popular character being Joe Chill. Of course, Joe Chill was not the only one tied to his parents murder in all universes, but it be interesting to see which direction they will head toward.

He also discussed B. D. Wong as Dr. Hugo Strange and how he fits into the series:

. “Dr. Hugo Strange [guest star B.D. Wong] has a profound effect on Penguin,” Heller says. “He makes a new man of him in many ways.

Finally Bruno Teller spent quite a bit of time discussing Jim Gordon’s dilemma as he stepped over a line in the Fall Finale:

Jim won’t be able to simply sweep his murder of Galavan under the rug. “He’s certainly compromised,” executive producer Bruno Heller says. “He’s stepped over that moral line. Jim Gordon has made a terrible mistake, which he’s going to pay for.” While Capt. Barnes will certainly be on his case, that’s not all Jim should be concerned about. “The biggest price he will pay is in his relationship with Lee Tompkins,” Heller teases. “Jim’s essentially an honest man, so the need to have honest relationships does betray him in the end.”

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Gotham returns February 29, 2016 at 8pm on FOX.

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