Tyrese Gibson Confirms He Has Met With Warner Bros. For Green Lantern Role


The only disappointment felt in San Diego Comic Con was that we had no confirmation on Chris Pine, Tyrese Gibson or anyone being cast as Green Lantern, however that disappointment was momentarily healed with the announcement that we were getting a Green Lantern Corps movie. This news of course gives us a huge opportunity to make as many Green Lantern fans happy as we can have all the Earth bound Green Lantern’s in one film as well as the rest of the Green Lantern Corps.

This was followed by rumors that not only is Chris Pine up for the role of Steve Trevor for the Wonder Woman film but he also has the option to pick Hal Jordan as well as Tyrese Gibson teasing with posters of him as John Stewart and Chris Pine as Hal Jordan.

Collider recently reported that Tyrese Gibson had in fact met with Warner Brothers but he was not able to confirm if he was in fact up for the role.

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