“Unfollow” May Be Headed To ABC


It appears that not even ABC, known for developing and airing its own home grown content, is not immune to the presence of DC Television.

The latest addition to the DC Entertainment television roster, is Unfollow”, the newly created Vertigo property. The show, which will be based heavily on the comic of the same name, the first issue of which debuted earlier this month, has received a script committment from ABC.

The story of Unfollow, co-created by Rob Williams and Michael Dowling, explores what happens when a secretive billionaire makes a global announcement — via the social media platform he invented — that he is terminally ill and has decided to bestow his entire fortune to a seemingly random sample of 140 people from around the world. When one of them turns up dead, the others realize that they are all suspects — and the next potential victim.

Unfollow features a cast of characters including a young black man trying to get by in St. Louis; an Iranian reporter in need of hope; a retired special forces soldier with an odd sense of purpose; and a thrill-seeking heiress.

Should it receive the full series committment, Unfollow will be written and produced by Michael Narducci, of the The CW’s The Originals fame. It would also mark the 8th DC show currently airing. However, it would mark the 3rd comic book based TV show for ABC, the others being Agents of Shield and Agent Carter.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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