Victor Garber Talks Team Up Show


Victor Garber who played Professor Stein and one-half of Firestorm on The Flash, spoke to Access Hollywood on his thoughts about the new The CW television series that’s the Arrow / The Flash spin-off he’s apart of.

He talks about what his character will be doing and what he thinks of the series in terms of it diminishing the parent shows.

“They’re all unique in their own way. ‘Arrow’ is sort of a crime/family saga and ‘Flash’ is sort of a part family drama, part cop show, part sci-fi extravaganza, and the team up show has its own identity too. And I think that’s the thing, is not thinking of them as all similar superhero shows with characters that are from the other universes, but actually their own, distinct universes and their own distinct tones and worlds and I think that’s the key. Otherwise, if you’re doing it just to do it, it’s too hard and it’s a lot less fun.”

You can listen to the full interview below:


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