Vixen Possibly Getting a Live Action Television Series


While the CW Seed series Vixen has already been received well and given a second season order and Vixen’s live action appearance on Arrow is happening, it appear as though a live action spin-off series or a recurring spot on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is very possible.

According to an interview at the Winter TCA press tour with The CW President Mark Pedowitz this seems to be a possibility. While he did take a stance earlier in the year it seems as though he is now reconsidering his decision to stop adapting DC characters onto the CW network.

“Hopefully, that character could actually spin itself out, if not, maybe join as one of the Legends [of Tomorrow].”

It’s no surprise that he would reconsider his earlier decision as The Flash and iZombie are two of the network highest rated programs and adding in a connected female led superhero series is a no brainer.

Actress Megalyn Echikunwoke, who plays Vixen also spoke on the possibility of getting her own series:

“I mean, who doesn’t want their own superhero show! Come on! If that happened, I definitely would not be sad. I just love the opportunity to play this character in live-action and I think, if the fans appreciate it like I hope they will, that I would love to do more, in any capacity, really. I’m really excited about the second season of the animated show, and I’m really excited about the idea of bringing Vixen into all of the universes, basically getting to hang out with all of her comic book friends — even the Suicide Squad or the Justice League. All of that would be very cool.”

What would be more interesting is if they do move ahead with a live action spin-off would they be using the animated shorts as a possible sequence or film them as live action.

It’s more likely we’ll see her on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow first to see how the fans take to her. It won’t be a surprise if we hear an announcement as it would be great to have another female led Superhero series on television, especially with Supergirl being so high in the ratings and proving an audience is there for female Superheroes.


Eric Curto
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