Vixen Season 2 Confirms Some Familiar Voices


TV Guide Magazine has revealed that more heroes will be joining  Vixen in her second season on CW Seed. With the same article, it also reveals the timeline the season will be taking place in from the live action shows on The CW.

Grant Gustin (The Flash), Stephen Amell  (Green Arrow) and Katie Cassidy (The Black Canary) are all set to make an appearances on the second season of Vixen,  also joining the cast appearances are Firestorm (Franz Drameh) and Atom (Brandon Routh). This will mean that this season takes places after Vixen’s appearance on Arrow, but before Black Canary’s fate at the hands of Damian Dhark.

Also in the article Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim, spoke a bit about the upcoming series:

Expanding her sense of obligation beyond the borders of Detroit, there’s a much larger world out there that needs protection.

In keeping with Mari’s journey of acknowledging that there’s a bigger world out there, we wanted to dramatize that by doubling down on the number of characters we reveal in animated form

He also went on to say;

It’s something that’s really cool and it’s not just a gimmick. It plays directly into Mari’s character journey.

Eric Curto

Eric Curto

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Eric Curto
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