Watchmen Television Series in the Works


Watchmen is by far one of the most unusual comic book films to be released in the recent years, mainly due to its nature, subject matter and portrayal of its heroes.

Zack Snyder who directed the feature film version and is now one of the heads of the DC Extended Universe, first cut his teeth on the Alan Moore novel and it looks like he maybe revisiting it in a television format and the network he is speaking with is HBO.

The same network who not too long ago made a deal with Warner Bros. to produce original content, as well as offer Warner Bros. and DC products on their HBO GO streaming service, is in talks to make the series happen.

The news come from Collider, who broke the news earlier, with this being a possibility and the prequel novels that came out after the success of the film they have plenty of material to expand upon. It be nice to see Alan Moore embrace at least one of his adaptations by taking a writing or producing role on the series.

Keep in mind though nothing is confirmed, so take with a grain of salt, but Collider has been good on keeping the rumor mill free of bad scoops.

Eric Curto
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