Wes Bentley Wants To Play Batman


Wes Bentley, who’s known for comic book films like Ghost Rider and Jonah Hex, appeared on Larry King Live and answered a question put out by ComicBook.com, where he talked about wanting to play the role of Batman.

Of course, he would have to wait at least 10 years, depending on whether or not Ben Affleck decides to extend his contract or not. Still he plays a pretty good villain as seen on American Horror Story: Freakshow, so I wouldn’t mind him playing a Batman villain, perhaps Hush?

If he really wants in on playing a hero than why not Jason Todd or Tim Drake? I know age wise he isn’t too much younger than Ben Affleck, but most likely in this DC Extended Universe Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake all became Robin as adults and not as children.

Eric Curto
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