Will Superman Appear Passed Supergirl Pilot?


Supergirl executive producer Ali Adler spoke with Entertainment Weekly about how often we can expect to see Superman outside of the pilot episode of the television series.

“Our prototype is the way the president is seen on Veep,” executive producer Ali Adler tells EW, referring to the HBO drama’s clever way of mentioning, but never showing POTUS. “It’s certainly [inspired by] so much of what Julia-Louis Dreyfus’ character goes through. Ultimately, this is a show about Supergirl and we really want to see it through her lens.”

So if you were hoping to see Superman than you may find yourself disappointed. Don’t worry though as anything can happen, as it was said before Arrow came to The CW they would keep it real world, but eventually they decided to introduce super powers into the mix, the same can happen here too.

Eric Curto
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