Will Superman Ever Appear on Gotham?


As we reported before Ben McKenzie participated at a Q&A at Wizard World Chicago and answered some questions, in the video below he was asked whether characters like Clark Kent or Superman could ever appear in Gotham and his answer is what many of us have expected, which is no, as he puts it, it’s a show about pre-Batman, they have access to 75 years worth of history, but the world they are in is grounded in reality where there is gravity and no one flies.

Of course Clark Kent was never meant to fly in Smallville until the end, their motto was “No flights, no tights”, but they found ways around that rule. He was Kal-El or jumping really high like he was flying etc. While anything is possible, I’d say its a safe bet that we won’t see any non-Batman characters.

Eric Curto
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