Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Debunks Claims That The Film Is A Mess


Earlier today an article went  outing Warner Bros. and more specifically Kevin Tsujihara for business practices of the studio, with how they’ve handled their major properties. The claim was made by a suppose former Warner Bros. employee, whose word we don’t feel is worth the trouble of an article.

However, within the article she went on to say that Wonder Woman was a mess and she knows those still working there are not fans of what is going on with the DC Extended Universe films. She also claimed Man of Steel was a flop, which is untrue, not to mention the fact that Suicide Squad helped to bring Warner Bros. 1 Billion dollars for the 16th consecutive year domestically.

Now the director of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins has come out to debunk what was said, which definitely calls for making an article about the story.

Eric Curto
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