Wonder Woman Review Embargo to be Lifted on May 31


According to IGN entertainment editor Terri Schwartz, the review embargo for Wonder Woman will be lifted on Wednesday, May 31st. Schwartz went on confirm this information, after confirming that she was able to see the film in an early screening. 

In her first Tweet, she hints that her thoughts on the film are positive, by stating she cannot wait to share her thoughts on it, even though she’s not able to truly share her thoughts on the film due to the embargo, she then later confirms when her review will be allowed to be up.

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  • Gilboa

    This lifting of the embargo only 2 days before the release date, worries the shit out of me! This is not good news, however positive Twitter comments by some of the critics might be. Seems to me bloody WB are shooting themselves in the foot again and WW hasn’t even come out yet. This is not going to inspire confidence in the general public who’s ticket Dollars are needed to allow this movie to succeed. WTF WB!!

    • naggibator

      Calm dawn and relax bro)

      • Gilboa

        I have, can see now that comment was an overreaction 🙂

  • GAB

    Everytime someone pay attention to what someone else have to say about a specific concept, has to ask to himself if is living his life for someone else or if is living HIS life for itself. People whatch a movie only if some else says that is good? Good is subjctive, so everyone should and have to judge by itself. The principle of puppets and puppeteers is simple, there are people who are conditioned by someone else, so their lives are no longer free but depend on the judgment of others. Apparently freedom is no longer effective if people can not live freely, being dependent on others. People cry for freedom, but they encircle the body of chains, a huge paradox of ignorance. If a positive or negative review is able to manipulate tastes, I would say that society is in trouble and should start worrying.