Diane Lane Gives Clarification on Her Justice League Comment


Diane Lane who plays Martha Kent in the DC Extended Universe, recently made comments on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo, when a fan asked her if she can speak Justice League and if it’ll be better than The Avengers, in which she simply answered “No and no, sorry to disappoint. “

This shook the fan community up with many immediately taking to heart her comments. We choose not to report on this story at the time, as we wanted to get clarification, since it seemed odd she would make a statement like that at face value.

Since the comment, ComicBook.com went to Diane Lane to clarify what she meant and it sounds a lot like she just didn’t hear the second part of the question. Her representative gave this statement:

“Diane meant “sorry to disappoint” in reference to revealing anything concerning “Justice League” that is not already out in the public, and, was declining to comment on a film (Avengers) that she has not seen.

She is thrilled to continue her role as Martha Kent, and appreciates your excitement for “Justice League”.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to clarify this.”

It’s nice to know that it was simply miscommunication, but with this fan community it’s always best to either decline to comment or explain your answers.

Source: ComicBook.com

Eric Curto
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