Wonder Woman Being Projected to Open with $65 Million Plus


According to Deadline, the most recent tracking for Wonder Woman is at $65 million plus for opening weekend domestically. The number is lower than what it was being projected before, which was $84 million. Though some are still projecting that the film can make as high to $75 million, with next week’s project and some are confident to believe the film can make close to $100 million.

Though many believe the low projection as recently has to do with the films being released the week prior, as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Baywatch will both be in their second weekend on June 2nd and will then hinder Wonder Woman’s opening numbers.

Warner Bros’ next DC Universe movie, Wonder Woman, came on tracking this morning with projections at an estimated $65 million-plus. One non-WB analyst tells Deadline that the pic looks strong across all quads, male and female, and is off to a very solid start four weeks away from its June 2 release date.

Though the overall tracking with Wonder Woman when it comes to the movie going audience is overall very positive, as a recent Fandango moviegoers poll says that 92% of the audience are looking forward to seeing a movie featuring a standalone female superhero, with 88% saying that Wonder Woman’s screen debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was the main reason they went to see that film, which had an opening weekend of $166 million.

Only a few more weeks until June 2nd, when we can truly know the outcome of the opening box office for Wonder Woman!

Source: Deadline.com

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