Wonder Woman’s Secret Identity is a U.S. Army Nurse?


As we previously reported, the first on-set photos of Gal Gadot as Diana on the set of Wonder Woman have surfaced online and after taking a long look at them, it came to our attention that what Gadot is wearing, is what looks to be a civilian uniform for U.S. Army Nurse’s from World War I.


If true, Wonder Woman being an Army Nurse as a secret identity isn’t something new, it’s canon to her origin story from her first appearance in Sensation Comics #1.

For those unfamiliar with Wonder Woman’s origin story from her first solo series from January 1942, Wonder Woman takes up the identity of an Army Nurse by the name of Diana Prince, who not only shared the same first name, but also looked like her.

From that moment on, Diana as Wonder Woman became Diana Prince in the world of man, as the real Diana Prince ends up marrying and becoming Diana White.

This theme of Diana ending up as an Army Nurse has happened a few times within the comics over the years, it also took place in the Pilot episode of the Wonder Woman television series from 1975, starring Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, where Diana posed as an Army Nurse for World War II.

If what Gal Gadot is wearing is in fact a Nurse uniform from World War I, which we’re strongly leaning towards that she is, it’ll be a really awesome homage to her original origin story… it’ll also make sense why the film’s production code name is “Nightingale”, in reference to the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

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