First Look at Mr. Freeze on Gotham Revealed


It was announced back during the Summer, that Mr. Freeze was coming to Gotham, no details were sent out on how he would appear, except that he would be played by Nathan Darrow. Now USA Today has received the exclusive first look and scoop on the character and his look, as they interviewed actor Nathan Darrow:

How does he get introduced to Gotham and its residents?

He’s pretty focused on what he’s doing. He is on a very special, independent project. I feel like he does go to work each day, but I think he gets time to work from home and it feels like his bosses are OK with that because he’s specially talented and he’s working on something that could be potentially of great value for who he works for. So he’s pretty much involved in this pursuit and it’s rather solitary, as you might imagine.


In the comics, Nora usually has some type of terminal illness but it’s not specified what exactly she has. Do we get more of a sense of what her disease is in Gotham?

I really kind of love that it’s referred to as a “mysterious illness.” It’s not just comic books, though. Look to Shakespeare and you’re going to see things like that. You’re going to see where a person has something that’s mysterious and it’s threatening their life, and it’s never referred to but we just know it. It’s almost like it has greater weight because it’s not named as like, “Oh, she has this type of cancer.”

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In the comics Mr. Freeze was originally just a jewel thief with an ice gimmick known as Mr. Zero, later changed to Mr. Freeze, it wasn’t until Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Eric Radomski reinvented the character in Batman: The Animated Series that the character was given a resurgence in popularity.

Recently Scott Snyder gave the character yet another twist in his origins by making him just a scientist who is in love with Nora, but never actually met her. This goes to show that a characters origins can be tweaked a bit when shown the respect and care for the character.

It’s not known ultimately which direction the character will take, if either is even used, we do know that Kristen Hager has been cast as Nora.

CHARACTER CREATED BY: Bob Kane, David Wood, Sheldon Moldoff, Logan Sowadski


As Mr. Zero: Batman #121 (February 1959)

As Mr. Freeze: Detective Comics # 373 (March 1968)

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