Young Justice Season 3 Could Happen


Greg Weisman who’s one of the creators of the short-lived Young Justice animated series, gave fans hope that Netflix could revive the series for a third season, if the responds to the first two seasons on the streaming media.

Netflix has been known to revive old series such as Full House and the recently announced Gilmore Girls. However the major difference was those shows ended with a Series Finale and completed their story. This series, while they wrapped the Season 2 story arc up, still left us with a bit of a cliffhanger that would be great to see resolved.

As you can see from the tweet we need to get together and do the following:

    Let’s show Netflix that there is an audience for the series and give WB Animation a reason to get the voice cast back. This is where I will be supporting the series to great lengths, like I did with Constantine and Hulu.
    Admittedly I have not bought these, mainly because I don’t buy unfinished shows, I don’t own Knight Rider 2008, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles or Tru Calling, all great shows for this reason. I always felt if I won’t read half a book, why should I buy half a show? However, if Netflix does announce a revival than I will go out and buy immediately.

There are also Petitions encouraging Netflix to revive the series, which is an option to try to help make it happen.


We greatly apologize for jumping to the wrong conclusions. Greg Weisman has responded to the assumption made within this article, clarifying his previous Tweet, in regards how watching Young Justice on Netflix can show Time-Warner that the show is economically viable.

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