Zachary Levi Would Play Black Adam if He Could Play a Villain in DC


This past weekend Shazam! star Zachary Levi, who plays Shazam himself, was at attendance at this year’s MegaCon Orlando, which is the largest comic convention in the Southeast and not only did he do a signing, along photo op with fans, he also did a panel on the last day of the convention in which he answered fans questions.

During the panel Levi was asked if he could play any villain in Marvel and DC Comics, who would he play in which he responded that for Marvel he would have loved to have played Deadpool, but goes on to say clearly that role has already been taken by Ryan Reynolds.

Then when he goes on to DC, he hesitates for a bit then goes on pick Black Adam as the DC Comics villain he would want to play:

I did for a minute think that if the Rock was ever like ‘You know I’m too busy and I’m not going to play Black Adam’ I was like, you know what I can do,  because they’re suppose to be twinsies anyways, right? Just with slightly different stylist and then I was like ‘That would be kind of cool, I’ll play the really dark version of myself essentially’. So I’ll say that [Black Adam], but La Roca playing that role.

Black Adam standalone movie is still in development and will starting production in a year confirmed by Dwayne Johnson, who will be playing the title role. No set release date has yet to be announced by Warner Bros. or New Lines Cinema.

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